Boston Overseas Montessori

Boston Overseas Montessori

We are an American-based early childhood development institution in Sri Lanka following the Montessori method. With our team of extensively qualified and experienced teachers, our goal is to ensure that each child at Boston Overseas enjoys a comprehensive learning experience under U.S. standards, that will help them achieve greater heights at later stages in life.

At Boston Overseas Montessori, we replicate the American culture and the classroom environment. We provide children with all books and other coursework materials as well as Montessori materials, which are imported from the United States. We make sure that these materials are free from plastics and other substances that can be harmful to children or the environment. To ensure fulfillment of nutritional requirements of each child, we also offer complimentary organic meals to all enrolled children.

Our Programs

We offer various programs that are suitable for all age groups of children below 5 years.
These programs are carefully formulated to ensure that your child receives a valuable and enjoyable learning experience.

12 weeks – 2 years

Infant and Toddler Program

A program designed to provide a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment where infants and toddlers feel loved.

12 weeks - 5 years

Early Care and After Care Program

Developing children’s cognitive skills, motor skills, sensory skills, language skills, practical life skills, and social skills.

2 years - 3.5 years

Pre-primary Preschool Program

Forming building blocks for the skills needed for primary years, kindergarten, and beyond. Introducing children to the five Montessori learning areas with hands-on, tactile learning experiences.

3.5 years - 5 years

Primary Preschool Program

Focusing on meeting the physical, cognitive, and social needs of children and preparing them for success in kindergarten and elementary school.

Our Passion

As educators with numerous years of experience in early childhood development, our passion lies in establishing strong roots of responsibility and a sense of independence within children while developing their learning skills. Furthermore, we aim to make children closer to nature as we believe that children grow stronger and become more successful human beings when they are connected with nature, including the Montessori environment.

We have recognized the need in Sri Lanka for elevating the current standards in this regard; therefore, we established Boston Overseas Montessori to offer our services using the Montessori method, combined with American standards. It is our goal to provide a high-quality learning experience to each child at our institution while safeguarding the well-being of the children.

Why Boston Overseas Montessori

Laying the right foundation at an early stage of a child can determine success in the future. By following the Montessori method, we mold your child’s growth by facilitating the development of intellectual, social, and physical skills to be a highly effective human being.

Compared to traditional Montessori schools in Sri Lanka, Boston Overseas Montessori sets itself apart by providing your child with various special benefits:

  • An inclusive environment
  • Healthy organic lunches
  • Materials of high standards imported exclusively from the United States
  • Education through highly qualified teachers with AMS and AMI credentials
  • Secured environment with CCTV cameras throughout the school premises and special pickup/dropoff procedures
  • Different learning activities, such as gardening, experiencing different languages, and dancing, every day of the week (after Montessori time) to give your child an opportunity to explore his/her interests

Choose Boston Overseas Montessori, so that your child can get the education he/she deserves.


Confidence plays a major role in the success of a child. Through the specially designed Montessori environment, we facilitate children to become independent with the ability (knowledge, skills, and experience) to do things by themselves.

Ability to assume authority within boundaries

One’s ability to assume authority with responsibility is highly beneficial in succeeding in life. We teach children to demonstrate authority and be independent while adhering to boundaries by providing age-appropriate materials and a conducive environment. Although our teachers ensure constant monitoring of each child, they refrain from direct and excessive intervention, allowing children to choose what they do to build their self-confidence and to help them to experience assuming authority and responsibility for their choices.